A House Made of Two

物件名 A House Made of Two
所在地 神奈川県横浜市
主要用途 一戸建ての住宅
発注者 個人
用途地域 第1種住居地域、準防火地域
構造 木造
階数 地上2階
最高高さ 9.184m
最高軒高 5.299m
前面道路 西側4.480m
敷地面積 250.210m2
建築面積 105.880m2(母屋 73.860m2/離れ 32.020m2)
延床面積 179.110m2(母屋 122.090m2/離れ 57.020m2)
設計期間 2008年10月1日〜2009年3月24日
工事期間 2009年3月25日〜2010年11月28日
担当 中佐昭夫
構造設計 草間徳朗/草間構造設計室
施工 大倉建築
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受賞 2012年 日本建築家協会優秀建築選
2012年 日本建築学会作品選集
写真 矢野紀行








Name of the Project : A House Made of Two
Location : Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Category : detached house
Zoning use district : –
Structure : Wood construction
Number of stories : 2 stories above ground
Maximum height : 9.184 m
Maximum eave height : 5.299 m
Frontal road : 4.480m on the west
Site area : 250.21m2
Building area : 105.88m2
Total floor area : 179.11m2
Design time : October 1, 2005 – March 24, 2009
Construction time : March 25, 2009 – November 28, 2010
Architect : Akio NAKASA(Principal Architect)
Photo : Toshiyuki YANO

This is a project of one family living in two houses built slightly apart from one another.

One great volume of a house which covers the entire plot was supposed first. Then this volume was carved in a curve in three segments and two volumes at the both ends were built as two houses on the site.

The wood structures and finishing materials of two houses are standardized to emphasis the relations of two volumes being originally from “one great volume” and that they are one though apart. Carved volume in the middle became a courtyard leading to the approach to two houses.

Having another house for movies at night, overnight guests or work at home allows the inhabitants the liberty to do what they please at a time they want. This distance between two houses may be just right for inviting grandparents to move in someday or providing privacy to children at puberty.

The purpose of building two houses slightly apart is not the same as that of having a villa at a resort or a farm household having a main building and a barn.

This project is an experiment for allowing more life style options in the life based in the urban area.

– Akio Nakasa –