XYYX Apartment (STELLA)

物件名  XYYX Apartment (STELLA)
所在地 東京都文京区
主要用途 共同住宅
発注者 有限会社マツヤ
用途地域 近隣商業地域、準防火地域
構造 鉄骨造
階数 地上4階
最高高さ 11.400m
最高軒高 11.040m
前面道路 南側5.890m
敷地面積 101.850m2
建築面積 77.990m2
延床面積 275.990m2
設計期間 2009年9月1日〜2010年9月30日
工事期間 2010年10月1日〜2011年8月31日
担当 中佐昭夫、田中知博
構造設計 草間徳朗/草間構造設計室
賃貸仲介 リネア建築企画
掲載 『建築知識』 2013/10月号エクスナレッジ
『LiVES』 2011/OCT&NOV号 第一プログレス
写真 矢野紀行







Name of the Project : XYYX Apartment (STELLA)
Location : Bunkyo ward, Tokyo
Category : Apartment
Zoning use district : –
Structure : Steel construction
Number of stories : 4 stories above ground
Maximum height : 11.400 m
Maximum eave height : 11.040 m
Frontal road : 5.89m on the west
Site area : 101.85m2
Building area : 77.99m2
Total floor area : 275.99m2
Design time :September 1, 2009 – September 30, 2010
Construction time : October 1, 2010 – August 31, 2011
Architect : Akio NAKASA(Principal Architect) , Tomohiro TANAKA
Photo : Toshiyuki YANO

4-story housing complex constructed with combination of two types of housing unit.

When designing a housing complex, it is a typical formula to put all the housing units under the same conditions as much as possible. However, in this project, this formula applied only to units on the second and third floor. A passage which needed to be paved on the side of the building reduced the floor area of units on the first floor and restriction of daylight made it impossible to make bedroom or living room. Diagonal limit on the fourth floor reduced the volume of the building, thus increased dead space, and made it impossible to extend exterior stairs.

Considering such conditions, units on the first and fourth floor with simple, open and monotone interior compose maisonette with units on the second and third floor with brown tone relaxing interior. Units on the first floor which face the street can be used as SOHO. Units on the second and third floor are studio type apartment. Units on the fourth floor are airy and have a good view.

The direction of the units are turned 90 degrees depending on the environment of each floor. Units on the first floor are open to the side to avoid frontal road with a lot of traffic. Units on the second and third floor are open to frontal road to avoid adjacent buildings. Units on the fourth floor are open to the side as view is open over the roof of adjacent buildings. The units on each floor are stacked in X・Y・Y・X direction in coordinate system. Each floor in the same maisonette gives different impressions in terms of interior and direction.

Housing complex in a dense residential area faces difficult conditions. Surrounding environment makes it difficult to give same conditions for all the units. We proposed a solution by making the most of the conditions of the each floor and supplementing the advantage of each by combination of different floors. This is a housing complex which gives the tenants the liberty to choose the extra feature to the ordinary apartment.

– Akio Nakasa –