House with a Road Around

物件名 House with a Road Around
所在地 千葉県千葉市
主要用途 一戸建ての住宅
発注者 個人
用途地域 第1種中高層住居専用地域
構造 鉄筋コンクリート造
階数 地上2階
最高高さ 7.076m
最高軒高 6.480m
前面道路 東側4.000m
敷地面積 494.750m2
建築面積 98.480m2
延床面積 172.670m2
設計期間 2019年8月1日〜2021年6月13日
工事期間 2021年6月14日〜2021年11月30日
担当 中佐昭夫、平岡諒太
構造設計 森永信行/mono
設備設計 浅野光、池田匠/設備計画
施工 クラスト
写真 矢野紀行












Name of the Project : House with a Road Around
Location : Chiba City, Chiba
Category : detached house
Structure : Reinforced‐concrete construction
Number of stories : 2 floors above ground
Maximum height : 7.076m
Maximum eave height : 6.480m
Frontal road : 4.000m on the East
Site area : 494.75m2
Building area : 98.48m2
Total floor area : 172.67m2
Design time : August 29, 2019 – June 13, 2021
Construction time : June 14, 2021 – November 30, 2021
Architect : Akio NAKASA(Principal Architect) , Ryota HIRAOKA
Photo : Toshiyuki YANO

House with a wrap-around road.

The land in a suburb of Chiba city is large enough for a house, approx. 500 sqm, but frontal road which is narrowing further down the road is only wide just enough for a car which does not allow a car to make a U-turn. In an area where cars are the main means of transportation, this was inconvenient.

The layout plan started with a wrap-around road which allows easy turn around for cars, making the most of large land.

The client runs several companies, enjoys music and cars, and have worked as a designer at a fashion brand. His spouse has worked in nursing care industry and wanted a life with green. There were many qualities desired for the new house deriving from past and current profession and hobbies, and the layout plan was to satisfy and respond comprehensively their wish list.

On the first floor has a wide entrance with a meeting space in the south and a living room with patio doors in the north. This layout of wrap-around road was to satisfy the requests such as, business affairs to be dealt at the entrance and short traffic line for elderly parents to come inside. Both entrances have eaves to avoid rain.

On the second floor is a master bedroom for client couple, bedrooms for children and double ceiling in the middle to feel a presence of first floor.

The road is 60 m long, 5 m width with round corners, and paved with crushed stones for the time being. It may be paved with different paving material and edge stones, and planted with various trees and floors, serving as a field to be designed by the client over time.

Between the frontal road and the house is a barren garden. Sunny lot is facing east and adjacent houses in front. Thus the house façade is curved from both ends to form a peak to avoid direct contact from adjacent houses while securing enough space in the living/ dining and guest living room. The garden will be divided from the peak of curved wall by the south and north zone; south zone facing the living/ dining room will be covered by lawn, north zone to be garage.

Exterior wall is a combination of straight and curved line, giving façade different impressions as you go around the road in all four directions. To give constant and stable impression, the building is made of reinforced concrete with no joints on the white paint and black sash wall.

After the completion, the client set to work on the road and garden. The project will soon transform to be a green and bustling place.

– Akio Nakasa –