物件名  中村メンタルクリニック
所在地 埼玉県朝霞市西原1-2-2(5F)
主要用途 クリニック(心療内科・精神科)
公式サイト 中村メンタルクリニック
発注者 個人
延床面積 98.670m2
設計期間 2014年10月8日〜2015年1月31日
工事期間 2015年2月1日〜2015年3月14日
担当 中佐昭夫、加藤雅哉
施工 アレンズクラフト
写真 矢野紀行








Name of the Project : Nakamura Mental Clinic
Location : 1-2-2-5F Nishihara, Asaka Ctiy, Saitama
Category : Mental Clinic
Zoning use district : –
Structure : –
Number of stories : –
Maximum height : –
Maximum eave height : –
Frontal road : –
Site area : –
Building area : –
Total floor area : 98.67 m2
Design time : October 8, 2014 – January 31, 2015
Construction time : February 1, 2015 – March 14, 2015
Architect : Akio NAKASA(Principal Architect) , Masaya KATO
Photo : Toshiyuki YANO

Seven main functions such as consultation room, waiting room, staff room and others are placed surrounding a septagonal room called
personal lobby. Seven rooms are placed in consideration of the ambient surrounding and conditions of the building; the room with window is for consultation, the room near elevator hall is for waiting, and the room near electric pipe shaft is for staff.

Personal lobby is a hub of traffic lines inside the clinic and, at the same time, a buffer zone to seven rooms. For example, by passing through the personal lobby, a patient can avoid facing other patients in the waiting room right after he/she comes out from the consultation room, or the whereabouts of a patient can be barred from the waiting room.

The walls of the personal lobby employ green living walls and opaque glass so that green and light can be seen and felt throughout the clinic. On the floor is deep pile carpet which absorbs the sound, so that when entered in the room, patients can sense the tranquility for a while.

The clinic is on the fifth floor of the building facing a rotary in front of a station. It has nice view on the east, south and west side and enough sunshine. The room, closest to the window and has the greatest benefit, is the clinic. This ambience is expected to loosen the unique tension which arises between the doctor and patient in a closed space.

Our aim is to make the most of the ambient surrounding and the conditions of the building to create an open and comfortable clinic which respects privacy of patients.

– Akio Nakasa –