物件名 MILL
所在地 東京都目黒区東山1-3-7鈴木ビル102
主要用途 美容室
発注者 個人
延床面積 37.5平方メートル
設計期間 2014年4月28日〜2014年6月30日
工事期間 2014年7月1日〜2014年7月26日
担当 中佐昭夫、加藤雅哉
写真 矢野紀行










Name of the Project : MILL 
Location : 1-3-7-102 Higashiyama, Meguro ward, Tokyo
Category : Beauty salon
Zoning use district : –
Structure : –
Number of stories : –
Maximum height : –
Maximum eave height : –
Frontal road : –
Site area : –
Building area : –
Total floor area : 37.50 m2
Design time : April 28, 2014 – July 30, 2014
Construction time : September 1, 2014 – September 26, 2014
Architect : Akio NAKASA(Principal Architect) , Masaya KATO
Photo : Toshiyuki YANO

A beauty salon with a dining table in the center.

In the main space where haircut and styling take place, an extendable dining table and three kinds of chairs are placed. Clients can choose a chair of their preference to sit in front of mirror, and enjoy herb tea or espresso at the dining table while waiting.

The owners/ stylists are a couple, and they use two mirrors which are placed apart from each other with dining table in the middle. Both of them tend to their own clients from counseling to styling, not sharing the work.

If a client comes with family, the rest of the family can lounge at the dining table and wait for his/ her turn. Children of the stylists’ couple may stop by and join the family of the client, serving drinks and reading books together, as if the family of the stylists is entertaining the guests.

If a client comes alone, he/ she can relax at the dining table while dying or perming hair, reading magazines and sipping drinks. If the client is regular, he/ she may enjoy chatting with the stylist.

This is a beauty salon and, at the same time, can be considered a “satellite dining” of stylists’ family. Our aim is to create a space which can provide comfortable and relaxing time as a whole while being entertained as a “guest” at the dining room of the stylists, not just a space to get haircut and styling. The dining table at the center is symbolic of the stylists’ intention.

The salon is narrow from the storefront to the back. Black steel sash combined with glass is placed at the facade of the salon as well as at the back of the salon, and in between the sashes is the main space with dining table. Seen from the frontal road, overlapping black steel frames are characteristic features of the salon.

Seeing from the main space toward the road, behind the black sash is a porch and further behind is road. At the back of the salon, behind another black sash is shampoo space and further behind is a powder room. This space composition, placing porch and shampoo space (buffer zone), prevents the main space to directly connect to the frontal road (public space) or the powder room (private space), and, thus, ensures the coziness of the main space.

– Akio Nakasa –